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Death in the jacuzzi. A criminal case in Zurich.

Enjoying the hot jacuzzi on a cold winter evening, Adam J. Finn and some friends enjoyed themselves. The author was captivated by the ascending water vapor, that – for just a second – was forming somewhat like a misty skull. He couldn’t stop fantasizing of a crime in a jacuzzy.  „Why don’t you write a book about?“, a friend asked him… Some beers would help, he thought, and it has been the starting shot of the so called criminal commissioner Giorgio Cortesi, the following night. True!…

In cooperation with the author and the publishing house ISLANDBOOKS, we have created the visual appearance of the commissioner. It was a real pleasure to build up a character from Zero. So we are happy to be in charge for the concept and the visual design of all products such as the audio book and it’s hard copy edition, the merchandising, on- and offline ads, social and the website www.cortesisfaelle.ch.

Ok, declaredly, he is just „a bit“ ironic, the inspector. He definitely evokes emotions! Rather you hate him (and don’t have a clue) or you love him. Obviously, we are waiting impatiently for the next criminal case…