Arts Manager & Publisher

Marc Philip Seidel is specificly interested in the combination of arts, culture, tourism, marketing & communications on a corporate level – where scientific research, creation, production and mediation go together. He is a true arts-aficionado. His heart beats for creativity and innovation.

He studied the arts (Barcelona, 2002/03), media relations (M.A., Zurich 2006), arts management (MAS, Winterthur, 2008) and art history (Dr. phil., Berne 2014). His dissertation has been granted by the Swiss Nationalfonds with a stay at the University of Milan. He published several books at dreamis, ISLANDBOOKS and VISSIVO. As Head of PR, he ministred brands such as Montblanc SUISSE S.A., Oettinger Davidoff AG (Zippo), Gruppo Bacardi-Martini (Greygoose, Jack Daniels), Schwarzkopf Professional Schweiz. He managed the 6th. Swiss Leadership Forum (2007) and worked for companies in the fields of the arts, culture and economy. He curated the famous culture magazine DU and won the PR-Bild Award (2016).